• Read 1 Timothy 4:12

    Churches that invest in the Next Generation are churches that will survive. In this passage, Paul is encouraging his young protégé, Timothy, to be an example to adults. As we begin the 21 days of prayer, pray that Northridge will produce strong young people who will be examples of what a Christ follower is to all who see them. Mike Waers 

  • read 1 Kings 19:9-13

    When we slow down, we allow ourselves to hear from the Lord. Pray for our young people today, that they can hear from the Lord. Ask God to allow the next generation to not only hear from the Lord, but to also be obedient in what He is calling them to do. Pray for their parents, teachers, and mentors to not grow weary in living out God’s calling to lead them. Kevin Magness

  • Read Lamentation 2:19

    Approximately 80% of families in Baldwin County are eligible for Federal Nutrition Assistance, resulting in one of the highest rates of food insecurity in Georgia. Pray that the children of our community will have access to resources that meet their needs. Pray that we, as the body of Christ, can show them the love of God in tangible ways that will nourish their spiritual, physical and emotional hunger. Elaine Shepherd

  • Read: Proverbs 3:5-6

    In life, we are met with challenges. These verses remind us to trust in Jesus who is the only one who understands it all. Pray that our next generation will learn to rely on the understanding power of Jesus to guide their journey on the path of life. Clint Raburn

  • Read Galatians 2:20

    This text draws our attention to the one hope and love we all have in Christ. When we place our trust and faith in Him, we are no longer like our old selves, but we find new life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ now dwells in us to empower us to do kingdom work. We come before the throne of grace and ask God to help the next generation grasp this truth. Jonathan DeJesus

  • Read Philipians 4:6-7

    A family will spend triple the time with a child that the church will. Pray for the families in our Next Generation ministries to bring everything to the Lord in prayer even when they are most stressed out. In praying for peace for the families, you are impacting how a child sees Christ. Mary Helen Higgs

  • Read Psalm 40:1-3

    1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. Pray that God will bring to light any abuse so that children can get the help they need. Pray that God will use His people to help introduce children to God and He can begin to heal their hearts. Amy Raburn

  • Read: Psalm 61:3-4

    Seeking refuge in Christ when we are fearful and discouraged allows us to experience God’s love personally, gives us the strength to overcome fear and doubt, and offers an assured hope that builds and renews our faith. May our young people, through prayer and the reading of God’s word, seek refuge in the comforting shelter of God’s wings, and not in the false promises of this world. Bill Marsh

  • Read 1 Corinthians 6:18

    Sexual temptation is more accessible than ever and is wreaking havoc on our young people. Pray that they may have strength and courage to trust God’s plan. Pray also for godly examples to be placed in positions of influence to lead our young people towards what is right. Adam Scott

  • Read Galatians 6:9

    Those who work with children and students know there is not always a tangible "thank you" heard everyday. Pray for those who teach in schools, serve as difference makers, and influence the next generation to continue serving even though they grow weary. Mary Helen Higgs

  • Read Joel 2:28

    Pray that God will pour out His Spirit upon our children and their parents so that they will see God's vision and will for their lives. Pray that their ears will be open to hear His truth so they will reject all lies of satan and rise above the evil in the world. Pray that an outpouring of the Spirit will empower them to share God’s Word with others. Elaine Shepherd

  • Read John 17:20-23

    Of all the things to pray for as He knew He would be returning to Heaven, Jesus chose to pray for unity for those He would be leaving behind on Earth. Our unity as believers affects His credibility. The next generation will believe that Jesus is who He says He is when we treat each other like He says we should. Pray for unity in our families, the church, and Christians in our city/county/country/world. Amy Raburn

  • Read Philippians 4:6-7

    Less of me Lord, and more of YOU! Pray for our young people today, that they can learn to cast all of their cares and worries to Christ. Ask the Lord to remind them that He is in control, and to guard their hearts from this world. Pray for them to seek Jesus and accept the grace that He so freely offers. Pray for their parents to boldly display this in their homes. Kevin Magness

  • Read Hebrews 13:8

    Confusion abounds in our culture about what is absolute, true and good, versus what should be embraced and accepted in the name of compassion and tolerance. Pray that the next generation embodies love and grace while it embraces Jesus as the everlasting truth. Bill Marsh

  • Read Psalm 139:1-18

    For teachers, it is always scary to start a new school year because they never know what they are going to get. A nice group of students can make for an awesome year, but one or two extreme behavior problems can be enough to run them down and ruin their attitude until May. Let us pray that teachers remember that God has placed each student in their class for a reason, and He will give them all the strength they need to fulfill His purpose for their life and their students lives. Read Psalm 139:1-18 and remember that God has already planned out our lives and the lives of the students’ placed in each teacher’s classroom. Meaghan McBrayer

  • Read Hebrews 4:14-16

    Jesus, being fully God and fully human, can fully grasp what we (His children) go through on an everyday basis. The writer of Hebrews wants us to understand that we have a unique opportunity to be in a relationship with God, which should not be taken lightly. We can draw near to the throne of God and have full access to his unlimited grace and mercy for our everyday lives. Pray that our young people will know that they can have access to our unique and great God; that He is not far off, but rather close, and desires to be near and in a relationship with them. Jonathan DeJesus

  • Read Romans 12:2

    Have you ever thought about how easy it is to conform to the pattern of this world? Everything we interact with reinforces it! And as technology increases, so does accessibility to these temptations. Pray that our young people will prioritize letting the presence of God realign them to the eternal things that matter most. Adam Scott

  • Read: Proverbs 3:3

    This verse reminds us to keep love and faithfulness in the forefront of all we do. Pray for influential parents and adults to lead the next generation to live their lives for Christ with a love for others and a faith that is strong. Clint Raburn

  • Read Psalm 71:17-18

    Reflect on the wonderful ways you have seen God move in your life. How can you share your personal experience with God’s love and might with the Next Generation? Pray that God’s greatness and goodness are shared with the Next Generation and ask God for the wisdom and conviction to share your story. Laura Polack

  • Read Esther 4:14

    Esther was reminded that she rose to her royal position for “such a time as this.” In the same way God has placed every young person, parent, educator, etc. in positions of influence to be used for his glory. Pray that we will recognize God’s fingerprint on our lives and use every opportunity for his glory. Adam Scott

  • Read 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

    As we conclude our 21 days of prayer, pray that our young people will not lose heart. Psychologist tell us that our young people suffer from extreme anxiety. Ask God to help them focus their eyes and hearts on God and not to lose heart. Pray that they will be renewed inwardly by focusing on God. Mike Waers