At Northridge, we believe that life is better together. We offer many opportunities for people to connect with one another on a regular basis. Below are ways to connect.

life groups

Life Groups are our primary Group Life opportunity. The primary purpose of our Life Groups is to foster Christ-centered relationships. We offer "open" groups (couples and singles) as well as Women's and Men's gender specific groups. 

We want every person at Northridge to CONNECT to others in a Life Group. In our Life Groups we employ the ABC’s of Group Life: Accountability, Belonging and Care. These three relationship factors help us to understand that life truly is better together. Our primary way to connect to a Life Group is through an event called GroupLink Online. 

For detailed information check our GroupLink FAQ page. While GroupLink is our primary way to enter Life Groups there are other avenues to do so. These are explored in our DISCOVER NORTHRIDGE class entitled CONNECT or you can contact Tim Smith, Group Life Pastor.


Is it difficult for you to think of joining a Long Term group? Do you find your schedule is too packed to take advantage of a Life Group? Maybe Community Open Groups are for you! Coming in April will be an opportunity for you to get involved in a group that will be structured in a way that you can come as your schedule fits but is still formatted like a small group. Click here and to find a group.


Do you have questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, or the Church? Why not check out Beginnings? If you are curious about God, are a new Christian, or simply want to know more about Christianity, we have a conversational environment designed just for you.  

You can expect a casual, conversational, non-judgmental environment where you can begin or continue your faith journey. Questions that we address are: Is there more to life than this? Why do I need God? Who is Jesus? Is the Bible relevant? Reliable?  What is faith? What about the church? What is my next step? You may join us anytime during our BEGINNINGS offering. 

Next Beginnings Session

Keep checking back here to find the date of our next session.

Here's our Beginnings Motto:

"You are welcome here. Your thoughts are welcome; your doubts and questions are welcome. We're here to help not to judge. We want to honor God and you by creating an environment where we can all be open, honest and transparent."


Dinners for 8 is an opportunity to:

•Form new friendships!

•Get to know others better!

•Meet new people in our church!

•Deepen relationships with one another!

This is how it works:

People in groups of eight will take turns eating together either at a restaurant or home, depending on the group's desires.

Couples and singles will be grouped together to reflect a healthy blend of age, marital status, family size, etc. 

and will be grouped so that you will probably meet someone you do not know well – that’s part of the fun!

This is a summer event where groups plan a meal and get together at least 3 times over the months of June-July & August - rotating to participants homes or at a local restaurant.

These groups plan a meal and get together at least 3 times over the summer - June-July-August - rotating to participants homes

or at a local restaurant. Dinners for 8 Groups are a great way to meet new people at church and get to know your church family better. The emphasis is on fun and developing friendships. 

You can sign up on-line beginning May 9 or at the church beginning May 13. 

Contacts will be made the week of June 4th.  

Childcare will not be provided for this event. However, our childcare voucher system is available to use for this event. For more information or to use the voucher system, click HERE.

Group life child care

We place a high premium on Group Life at Northridge Christian. With that in mind we strive to alleviate as many barriers as possible. That is why we have made the commitment to reimburse childcare expenses for our Group Life gatherings when necessary. Please remember several things about this reimbursement program: 

1. This program is specifically for approved Group Life events. Approved events are announced before the event begins. 

2. Most Life Groups handle their own child care. However, if you are unable to attend a Life Group without this reimbursement please speak to your Life Group Leader to take part in this program. 

3. Reimbursment is provided at a set rate. (See policy for rates) 

4. Child Care reimbursement forms must be filled out AFTER the event is attended. 

5. For accounting purposes the reimbursement form must be submitted within 30 days of the event and only one form can be submitted per week or event. For further clarification and information please see our Child Care Reimbursement Policy