What is GroupLink? 

GroupLink is a two-hour event where you can meet people in a similar stage of life and area of town with the goal of forming a Life Group. A host of staff members and volunteers will be on hand to navigate you through the process of meeting others and forming a group. 

Our next Grouplink will take place August 27, 2017 . 

Our GroupLink event is held here at Northridge on a Sunday evening beginning at 6:30pm. Child Care and light snacks are provided. You can register on-line now. Registration at the church begins in July. 

If you are interested now in getting into a group please contact our Group Life Pastor, Tim Smith


Do I need to register for GroupLink? 

Yes. This way we know how many to prepare for. You can register by clicking "Register for GroupLink" at the bottom of the page. If you don't want to wait until the next GroupLink to get into a group, please contact Tim Smith, Group Life Pastor. 

What if it is impossible for me to attend GroupLink? 

If any of the groups that form at GroupLink aren’t full, (groups max out at 14) we’d love to help you get connected. Our Group Life Pastor, Tim Smith will make a list of groups with openings available a couple of days after the event. If one of the groups matches your stage of life and is meeting on a night of the week that works for you, we’ll do what we can to sign you up for that group. If there are not any open groups you can speak to Pastor Tim about a next step. Openings are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. In the future we are planning on expanding our Group Life selections enabling bridge groups to be created between the times we hold GroupLink. Pastor Tim will be happy to discuss these options with you. 

 What is the difference between GroupLink and a Life Group? 

We believe if you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you’ve got to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal & a Life Group is the ideal place for that. You go to GroupLink, a two-hour event, to join a starter group that can become a permanent Life Group if you choose. In a Life Group, 8-14 adults in the same stage of life and area of town meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. You’ll be encouraged to live out the truth you discover in the Bible even as you encourage others to do the same. 

What is a GroupLink Connector? 

Volunteers serve a vital role at each GroupLink event. Connectors are volunteers who help people at the event registration, by providing information about the GroupLink event, and by assisting people as they form groups. Is childcare provided at GroupLink? Childcare is provided at GroupLink which is another reason registration is a great help to us in planning. All ages are welcome to participate in the child care programming the night of GroupLink. You can also use our Child Care Voucher program for this event. 

REGISTRATION FOR OUR NEXT GROUPLINK will being ON-LINE on April 19 and at the church on April 23. This will give you time to plan to attend Grouplink on May 21 @ 6:30pm here at the church. 


We place a high premium on Group Life at Northridge Christian. With that in mind we strive to alleviate as many barriers as possible. That is why we have made the commitment to reimburse childcare expenses for our Group Life gatherings when necessary. Please remember several things about this reimbursement program: 

1. This program is specifically for approved Group Life events. Approved events are announced before the event begins. 

2. Most Life Groups handle their own child care. However, if you are unable to attend a Life Group without this reimbursement please speak to your Life Group Leader to take part in this program. 

3. Reimbursment is provided at a set rate. (See policy for rates) 

4. Child Care reimbursement forms must be filled out AFTER the event is attended. 

5. For accounting purposes the reimbursement form must be submitted within 30 days of the event and only one form can be submitted per week or event. For further clarification and information please see our Child Care Reimbursement Policy