Our mission is to help you take your NEXT STEP closer to Christ. 

With that in mind we offer  First Step, Discover Northridge and Growth Track.

Each step is described below.

first step

First Step is for those who are new to our church and would like to talk with a pastor and obtain more information about the church. Immediately after the service go to the First Step room to the left of the cafe' in the lobby.


Discover Northridge is a regular group gathering for those who want to know more about who we are and what we do. Our Discover Northridge opportunities are offered various Sundays throughout the year at 12:30p. You can register for Discover Northridge online or at the Welcome Centers on Sunday mornings. Lunch & childcare are provided. 


Northridge Christian Church’s mission is to help people move closer to Christ. To help people on that journey, we have a process called Growth Track. Growth Track is a four-week process that equips people to have a growing relationship with Christ through personal disciplines and involvement in the church. Growth Track takes place in room 301 during the 10:15 service.

Growth Track takes place in room 301 during the 10:15 service.


    The heart of Northridge is to help people know God. To know God means that we are in a relationship with Him. Many people know about God, but they don’t know Him. Week one of Growth Track is designed to help you begin a relationship with God. Know God is offered the first Sunday of the month. 


    An ongoing daily relationship with Christ is what allows us to have a successful and meaningful spiritual journey. Week two of Growth Track will give you the tools that will allow you to walk with Christ. Walk With God is offered the second Sunday of the month.  


    Our journey with Jesus was never meant to be made alone. Connecting with others helps us grow in Christ. Week three is designed to help you make connections with others at Northridge. Connect With Others is offered the third Sunday of the month. 


    Everyone is searching for something to give their life meaning. We believe that this is best done in the context of the church. In week four of Growth Track, you will discover how to find your place of service at Northridge. Make A Difference is offered the fourth Sunday of the month.