• FAME is passionate about taking help and hope in the name of Christ to the unreached and underserved in the world through medical evangelism. FAME is very active around the world.


  • Andy & Gail Cook: International

    International Operation Mobilization

    Andy and Gail work globally supporting the work OM missionaries. They are the parents of college pastor Mandy Cook.


  • Kami Burns: Mexico Globalscope

    Christian Missionary Fellowship

    Kami leads the campus ministry in Puebla, Mexico. The ministry is called El Pozo (The Well).


  • Matt & Erin Boden: Middle East


    Matt and Erin are extending the love of Christ to Muslim refugees in the Middle East.


  • Mark & Andrea Michael: Scotland

    Forge International

    Mark and Andrea are working with Forge International in Scotland. Their goal is to strengthen local churches and plant new churches throughout Europe.


  • KORE Foundation: Haiti

    Kore Foundation

    The Kore Foundation is providing sustainable solutions to extreme poverty for the people of Haiti by utilizing a "business as ministry" model.


  • Ron & Pat Morse: Far East

    North Burma Christian Mission

    The Morses minister in the far east. They are able to go into many areas that are closed to the Gospel.


  • Pioneer Bible Translators, South Asia

    Pioneer Bible Translators

    Pioneer Bible Translators works to translate the Bible into languages around the world. We support a missionary working in South Asia helping national translators to check their translations to make sure it accurately reflects God's word, communicates clearly to everyone, and sounds natural in the language. Through God's word in the heart language of the people, their lives are transformed and eternities changed.


  • Kevin & Cynthia Weldon: Nepal


    Kevin and Cynthia are working with the street children in the slums of Nepal. Their immediate plan is to build an orphanage.


  • Rajan Ipe: Kerala, India

    Kerala Christian Mission

    KCM has a hospital, orphanage, campus ministry, nursing home, and has planted 37 churches in India.


  • Claire Dore: Budapest, Hungary

    Open Door Libraries

    These special libraries provide Christian books, meeting space, and the ability to teach Christ at strategic locations around the world.


  • Travis & Emily Weeks: Ethiopia

    Christian Missionary Fellowship

    Travis and Emily are a part of a church-planting team in Ethiopia. They are working to develop leadership and income that will help the churches for the Oromo people in the Nekempte area.