We sure have had a lot of together time, haven't we? As we begin to branch out of our houses but still remain cautious we would like to invite you to participate in a Scavenger Hunt with us!


  • Print the scavenger hunt list off of our website or pick up one from the church office. 
  • Complete 10 of the items and upload them to social media using #nccscavengerhunt2020 or email them to

SHARE this scavenger hunt with your neighbors! This is an excellent way to get to know those around you and to invite them to a friendly competition. 

The hunt begins June 14th and will wrap up July 12th. 

Don't know what to say to your neighbors?

Try This: 

My church, Northridge, has planned a fun scavenger hunt competition for our families. Would you like to join?

We cannot wait to see the fun things you all do this month with the hunt. Ready? Set? Go! 


  1. Take a picture of your family eating at the table together in your best Halloween Costumes. 

  2. Fishing and sending in pictures of what they caught. 

  3. Deer Stand tour. 

  4. Best mudding picture. 

  5. Do your best karaoke to a song. 

  6. Tiktok dance with your kid.

  7. Video of your favorite dad joke. (or your cheesiest joke) 

  8. Inflatable raft/tube in the tub or shower. 

  9. Take a picture of a fake animal dressed up for Christmas. 

  10. Dress up as your favorite superhero.

  11. Take a picture of you helping someone.

  12. Build a fort.

  13. Take a crazy family photo.

  14. Reenact your favorite scene from a movie.

  15. Socially Distancing with your Neighbors (tape measure, sitting in your yards 6’ apart) 

  16. Favorite quarantine snacks in a picnic. 

  17. Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru. 

  18. Build a toilet paper sculpture or castle with your stash. 

  19. A picture of the oldest thing in your house (yes, your dad counts). 

  20. A VHS tape. 

  21. Jumping into water fully clothed (bathtub, pool, lake, etc.) 

  22. Write a letter or card and drop it in your neighbor's mailbox. 

  23. Recreate your earliest family photo. 

  24. Play a board game with your family and make a crown for the winner to become king or queen of the house for one day. 

  25. Take a video of your family’s hidden talents or host a family talent show and send in the winner’s footage. 

  26. Show off your pet’s best trick or your most unique pet. 

  27. Take a picture of a wild animal in your backyard and then name it as a family. 

  28. Make a family mascot and draw a flag for it. 

  29. Yell a chant or cheer for your family's favorite team. 

  30. Write a letter to a hero. Take a look at Operation Gratitude for ideas and where to send it!