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At The Movies_FB Post

Invite SomeONE

At Northridge, it’s our mission to help people take their next step closer to Christ. Imagine what we can do if every person at Northridge dedicates themselves to praying for and inviting ONE person to church! The AT THE MOVIES series is a great time to invite your ONE… who doesn’t want popcorn and movies at church?

If you need help inviting, take a look at our resources below. We have videos you can download to text to someone, tickets you can print and hand them, texts to copy/paste, and more! 

  • Hey! My church is doing a really cool series this summer called At The Movies. The sermons each focus on a specific movie and they are serving coke and popcorn every week. A lot of times they have characters walking around or other props… want to come check it out? This Sunday at 9:30 or 11am, I’d love for you to sit with me!

  • -Do you have a church home?

    -Do you like the movie (insert movie title of the week)?

    -My church is serving popcorn in the lobby all summer and they have a different movie theme every week! Want to check it out with me?