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Building Community with Others

Connection is important at Northridge

We believe connection with each other, those in our community, and the needs of the world are vital in our walk with Jesus.

Life is Better Together

Community Groups

Community Groups are our primary method for connecting people to groups. They are small, consistent, semester-based gatherings that allow participants to share, study, and support one another. Whatever your stage of life, we will connect you with people on a similar journey so that every conversation will be practical and helpful for you and the things that you are dealing with.

Click the link below to sign up now!

(P.S. You can bypass this altogether by asking a friend if you can attend with them.)

Be a part of what God is doing at Northridge


Discover Serving at Northridge Christian Church. You can help us in accomplishing our mission in helping move people closer to Christ. Use your unique gifts and callings by filling out the short form below. Let us know which areas you would prefer to serve!

Make an impact

Community Engagement

At Northridge Christian Church, one of our core values is “We are blessed to be a blessing.” Serving others and serving our community holds immense importance as it allows us to make a meaningful impact through the dedication of our volunteers. Our goal is to not only meet immediate needs, but also foster a sense of belonging and compassion. Through serving others, our volunteers become catalysts for positive change, inspiring hope and transforming lives. We desire these efforts to create a ripple effect, igniting unity and motivating others to join in, thus strengthening our entire community.


There are times in all our lives when we can use some extra help. Whether it’s guidance for overcoming difficult challenges, specific prayer requests, or simply the need for a listening ear and encouraging word, God’s people at Northridge can come together to provide help. We encourage you to let us know your needs. Complete the information below to submit a prayer request or request for someone to contact you.