"Go into all the world and make disciples." Matthew 28:19

We partner with missionaries that are actively working to make this happen and we support them spiritually and financially. We work with both domestic and international missions and commit 10% of all our income to help the good news of Jesus Christ advance around the world. 


We are passionately seeking ways to reach our community with the hope of Jesus Christ. We believe that God has positioned us in this time and place to make an impact for His Kingdom. We encourage everyone to continue to look for opportunities to reach out to those around us. 

  • Blessing Bags

    Packing food bags weekly for local students in need.

  • Northridge Cares Ramp Ministry

    Building wheelchair ramps for people within the community who are in need.

U.s. missions

  • Core healthcare for women: Milledgeville, GA

    Core Healthcare for Women seeks to provide counsel and help to all parties experiencing a crisis produced by an unwanted pregnancy. Their ultimate goal is life for the unborn child and eternal life through Christ for all involved.

  • Christian City: Union City, GA

    Christian City is a non-denominational, non-profit organization with a mission to minister to the spiritual, physical, social, and psychological needs of families. Particular emphasis is placed on children and the aged.

  • Woodland Christian Camp: Temple, GA

    Woodland is a camp and retreat center that ministers to the whole person through God's Word and outdoors. Each summer, NCC has many campers and workers who attend Woodland.

  • Young Life: Baldwin & Putnam Counties

    Young Life is active in the middle and high schools of the Baldwin and Putnam County area. Their main goal is to take the love of Christ to these students through relationships with college students and adults.

  • habitat for humanity: milledgeville, ga

    Habitat for Humanity Milledgeville-Baldwin County is a non-profit ministry dedicated to the elimination of substandard housing. Habitat MBC provides opportunities for families by partnering with them to build decent, affordable housing and improving the quality of life of Habitat's partner families, the neighborhoods in which they live, and the community as a whole.

  • E2 Ministries

    Equipping Elders with Gary Johnson.

  • parental accountability court

    The Parental Accountability Court Program seeks to remove the underlying issues that cause noncustodial parents to become chronic non-payers of child support.


    We are offering a scholarship to Northridge students that wish to go into full-time Ministry a scholarship to study ministry at a Christian Church college.  For more information on this opportunity, please contact Jon Shaw at

  • FCA (Fellowship of christian athletes)

    FCA (Fellowship of Christain Athletes) is a community working to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

  • FAME is passionate about taking help and hope in the name of Christ to the unreached and underserved in the world through medical evangelism. FAME is very active around the world.

  • ryan & lori: International


  • christine: england Globalscope

    Christian Missionary Fellowship

    Christine leads the campus ministry in Nottingham, England.

  • Matt & Erin: Middle East


    Matt and Erin are extending the love of Christ to Muslim refugees in the Middle East.

  • Mark & Andrea Michael: Scotland

    Forge International

    Mark and Andrea are working with Forge International in Scotland. Their goal is to strengthen local churches and plant new churches throughout Europe.

  • KORE Foundation: Haiti

    Kore Foundation

    The Kore Foundation is providing sustainable solutions to extreme poverty for the people of Haiti by utilizing a "business as ministry" model.

  • Tim minister in Africa. He is able to go into many areas that are closed to the Gospel.

  • Pioneer Bible Translators, South Asia

    Pioneer Bible Translators

    Pioneer Bible Translators works to translate the Bible into languages around the world. We support a missionary working in South Asia helping national translators to check their translations to make sure it accurately reflects God's word, communicates clearly to everyone, and sounds natural in the language. Through God's word in the heart language of the people, their lives are transformed and eternities changed.

  • Kevin & Cynthia: Nepal


    Kevin and Cynthia are working with the street children in the slums of Nepal. Their immediate plan is to build an orphanage.

  • Rajan Ipe: Kerala, India

    Kerala Christian Mission

    KCM has a hospital, orphanage, campus ministry, nursing home, and has planted 37 churches in India.

  • Travis & Emily Weeks: Ethiopia

    Christian Missionary Fellowship

    Travis and Emily are a part of a church-planting team in Ethiopia. They are working to develop leadership and income that will help the churches for the Oromo people in the Nekempte area.